Are you a member of a Yacht Club? Are you looking to provide marine supplies for your members? Ask us about our Fatboy Yacht Club Rebate Program.

Simply put...when your members purchase any product from Fatboy Boat Supplies we will rebate your club with cash back incentives so that your Yacht Club can earn cash back with every purchase. Let's look at the math...every year the average boater can spend up to $500 - depending on the size of your vessel - on basic supplies from cleaning products, engine lubricants, shrink wrap supplies (by the way Fatboy carries 100% biodegradable shrink wrap...just saying), winterizing products etc.  With the Fatboy Yacht Club Rebate Program each dollar spent can provide much needed cash back to the Yacht Club community just by purchasing basic supplies from Fatboy.  Just think...your members can order what they want....when they want and we will deliver it right to the club!

So...if your club has 200 members...

200 vessels purchase $500 = $100 000 your club will get back 10% rebate equalling $10 000 annually.  Pretty good deal don't you think? The way we look at it, your members need these basic boating products and if Fatboy provides them with these products your Yacht Club earns cash back! 

Send Fatboy George an email at to learn more about this program.  We can structure a rebate program that fits your needs.

Need supplies stocked at your Yacht Club? We can provide you with supplies on site.  Whatever you need Fatboy's got you covered.

At Fatboy we are committed to providing you with competitive pricing to help your members maintain their vessels conveniently right in their slip or on the hard. 

Safe boating Fatboy Friends...see you out on the water :)